Preschool STEM : the sky and local radio interview !

With the first grade kids of preschool a work on the sky has been set up !
After observing the sky with their family, the teacher asked them to name what they had seen, ranging from the color, to the stars stepping by the moon. Some lucky few kids even had the chance to see shooting stars !

To follow this observation, they decided to realize for each, their little starry sky.
Yes, space is also tackled by simple notions during the first year of preschool ! There is no age to start a passion !




Secondly, as Saint Dionisy pupils, our preschool kids were also interviewed by France Bleu Gard Lozere, they even sang the song of the rocket they learned in class with their teacher. You can fin the interview here. Then, they said they would love to be able to see the stars more closely like Thomas Pesquet do !


VHF antennas setup for ARISS contact with schools

We have setup and installed the antennas that we will use for the ARISS contact with the schools in Boissieres and Saint-Dionisy in the South of France.

XQuad antenna setup with the kids:

XQuad setup with the kids

Circular polarisation tests with a home made rotating dipole:

Polarisation tests
Polarisation tests

Gilbert F1FWX has made a remote polarisation switch (horizontal, vertical,lhcp, rhcp):

The VHF antennas with Yaesu G5500 rotor for the tests:

The next step will be to setup a Wimo WX220 antenna with 12.5dBd gain in order to handle the flip mode.